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to Tee-Party!


Welcome to Tee-Party! A hand made portable mini-golf course & giant garden games; ready to entertain your guests at weddings, parties & corporate events!

When will my guests play the course?
The three hour  time slot can be whatever time you want! For weddings, between the ceremony & wedding breakfast or after the wedding breakfast before the evening party, are two popular time slots. Anything past 8pm is charged at an additional £80ph.

When will the course be set up?
We will require access to the set-up location 1 hour before your time slot. Please bear this in mind when booking with us. 

How long will I have the course?
The standard hire is for 3 hours. This does not include the set up and disassemble time. The 3 hours is purely for you and your guests to enjoy. 

Can I hire the course for longer?
Yes you can. This extra hire is charged £80 per hour. Anything past 8pm is subject to an additional £80ph.

Is the course fully insured?
Yes. We are covered by Five Million Public Liability Insurance. 

Is there a delivery charge?
We are based East Yorkshire. We offer free delivery within a 40 mile radius and there is a 70p per mile round trip fuel and labour charge thereafter. Please get in touch if you would like us to calculate whether there is a delivery fee.

Does a member of staff stay with the course?
Yes, you will get a member of staff for the full period of the hire. They will ensure everything runs smoothly.

Does the course have to be outside?
No, the course is fully adaptable to inside and out.

What happens if it is bad weather?
Unfortunately no-one can predict the British weather! If we were due to set up outside and it is very poor weather conditions, we will liaise with you to see if there is an alternative indoors area to set up. It might be worth considering this for your plan B before the day! We are happy to continue to set-up outside as the course is shower proof, however if these conditions become severe and continues, we may need to temporarily cover the course or dismantle it. Further information can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

Can we have pictures on the course?
Yes, there is no copyright or restrictions on pictures.

How do I secure a booking?
1. Check whether we are available by contacting us via Facebook/ Instagram/Email.
2. Check that your venue has the required space and ground requirements.
3. Read the Booking Terms and Conditions; you’ll have to agree to them before making a booking - we will send these upon request
5. Fill out the Booking Form to reserve the date for 48 hours.
6. Pay £100 booking fee. If payment is not received within the 48 hours then the date will become available for others to book. Note: the £100 is deducted from your final payment which is due 30 days prior to the event. 

Ground Requirements

The most important consideration for a mobile mini golf course is the ground requirements. If it’s a flat and horizontal surface we can set up our mobile mini golf course on it. From lawn and concrete courtyards through to carpet and wooden floorboards. We always carry extra packing to make minor adjustment to level out each of the mini golf hole. None of the course holes require ground pegs, so there is no need to worry about us making holes in lawn.  Please contact us if you need help calculating if you have the correct amount of space at your venue.

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